• You do not need previous investment experience
    Our experienced experts look after your assets.
  • The best investment solutions on the market
    We offer the best, constantly developing portfolio of investment solutions.
  • More than just returns
    In addition to achieving financial success, your investment has a positive impact on the environment and society.

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We make the investment decisions on your behalf
  • We help you to choose the best investment solutions.
  • You can choose investments that have a positive impact on the environment and society.
  • The best investment solutions on the market are available to you.

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I want to make my own investment decisions
  • The investment plan we build together takes advantage of a broad range of asset types.
  • As part of responsible wealth management, we also offer private equity funds and investment opportunities in renewable energy.
  • Our experienced team of experts work with you to meet your unique needs.

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Taaleri is a front-runner in impact investing

The aim of impact investing is not only financial gain, but also significant social or environmental benefit. Together with our customers we have invested for example in different forest and wind power funds since 2010.

Nearly €1 billion in impact investments

Taaleri’s renewable energy funds (Wind Power I-IV, SolarWind I and II) are not only great at generating financial returns, they have also reduced CO2 emissions by 1.2 million tonnes. The latest member of the fund family, Wind Power IV, is targeting a market yield of 7–9% per year and a reduction of approximately 820,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions. Other examples of Taaleri’s impact investments include the Rental Home Fund (reasonably priced rental homes), the Circular Economy Fund, and Forest Funds I and III. Together these funds have already made investments of nearly €1 billion.

New opportunities for impact investing

Our existing funds are projected to reduce emissions by 14 million tonnes by 2030, which corresponds to the annual carbon footprint of 1.24 million Finns. We are constantly developing new impact investment opportunities for our customers, also in asset categories other than private equity funds.


Excellent wealth management always starts with listening to the customer’s needs. Our strong and long-term customer relationships help us to create solutions that are based on the customer’s own unique needs.

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