In discretionary wealth management, you give Taaleri the right to invest and manage your wealth.

The investment decisions are based on your unique goals and on how much risk you are willing to take. Discretionary wealth management is a good option for you if you value investment convenience and you do not want to take an active role in the investment decisions.

Wealth management as a personal service

Your personal private banker will help you to find the best way for you to invest and is available for consultation in all matters concerning the management of your wealth. Your personal private banker will work with our experts to tailor an investment portfolio based on your goals and will personally review its development with you every year. You will have access to our comprehensive and diverse reporting tool, and at Taaleri’s customer events you will hear about new investment opportunities and the latest developments in the market.

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Taaleri Impact service will open in the autumn

Taaleri impact service is a cost-efficient, diversified investment solution for those who value investing convenience. In building the portfolio, we utilise a diverse range of asset classes. In addition to the return on your investment, you can choose investment products that reduce CO2 emissions.

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